Testimonials 2020

Aug 2020

I read through your "Design techniques for EMC, 1999 series" and found
it some of the best educational content on EMC I've ever read, with
regards to the time invested and the ease of understanding the

Lars Petersson, Gothenburg, Sweden

Aug 2020

I had the good fortune to attend Mr. Keith Armstrong's training titled "EMC for Electronic Engineers" almost a decade ago in the year 2010 at Wipro Technologies in Bangalore, India.

The program was spread over 5.5 days and I had many "aha moments" while I paid attention to the course and revised the contents later on. The topics of resonance, visualizing the E & H fields, standing waves and understanding the sources & issues related to common mode currents have stayed etched in my memory ever since and have helped me solve EMI/EMC issues in the lab in the later years.

In my personal capacity, I would recommend this course to all electronic engineers who are into product design & testing. The experienced engineers will have a good refresh of the concepts and obviously several "aha moments" and the younger breed of engineers will get a feel of the depth of the EMI/EMC along with the breadth of interdisciplinary engineering that comes into play to make product compliance successful.

This is an investment of time & effort that you will always cherish. 

Rajneesh Raveendran, Bangalore, India