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All of our newest video training courses are hosted at the Fedevel platform and you can see details below.

Essential PCB design/layout techniques for good EMC

The most cost-effective place to achieve good Signal Integrity (SI), Power Integrity (PI), and EMC, is in the design and layout of the printed circuit board (PCB).

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Low-cost, quick, bench top EMC Testing using near-field probes

This course demonstrates how, when combined with a cheap Spectrum Analyzer, we can use low cost or even home-made near field probe to quickly find problem areas that Radiated/Immunity tests in a Lab simply cannot.

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Good EMC Engineering for Equipment, Systems and Installations

This course is for engineers at all levels who are responsible for the design, development, production, manufacturing/construction and maintenance of Equipment, Systems and Installations.

This presentation uses examples based on industrial application and these techniques can easily be extended to cover any electrical / electronic applications, with a minium of mathematics!

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