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11 Sep 2023

Correcting an error in my 2009 article on Shielding (screening)

Naseer Ahmad just alerted me via Linked In (https://www.linkedin.com/in/keith-armstrong-449801172/) to an error in the free article “EMC techniques in electronic design Part 4 - Shielding (screening)” posted at: https://www.emcstandards.co.uk/emc-techniques-in-electronic-design-part-4-shie.

On page 5, where I was talking about getting shielding from nearby metal plates without using a shielded enclosure, I had said:
“When spacings are less than about λ/6, SE can become negative (i.e. provide gain)”.

But I should instead have written:
“When spacings are more than about λ/6, SE can become negative (i.e. provide gain)”.

I’m sure you will agree that I made a significant error, now corrected thanks to Naseer.

I don’t know how this error arose, because I’ve checked my other materials posted on emcstandards.co.uk, and it does not appear in any of them. Specifically, in the following:

i)       My textbook: https://www.emcstandards.co.uk/emc-design-techniques,  

ii)      The corresponding free article in my earlier 1999 series: https://www.emcstandards.co.uk/design-techniques-for-emc-part-4-shielding

iii)     My colour-PDF coursenotes: https://www.emcstandards.co.uk/shielding-for-emc, amongst the many available from our EMC Academy: https://www.emcstandards.co.uk/emcacademy

iv)      Finally, my video webinar on “Module 4 (Shielding)”, which will soon be posted on our Fedevel video webinar shop https://emcstandards-shop.fedevel.education/

I apologise about that mistake, and sincerely hope it hasn’t caused anyone any problems!

If you see/hear anything in my published material that looks odd, like Naseer did, please let me know via Linked In, keith.armstrong@cherryclough.com, or info@emcstandards.co.uk. 

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