4 - Shielding for EMC

Provides 2 hours towards CPD

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4 - Shielding for EMC image #1

This module is designed to help engineers what is shielding for EMC and how best to implement it. It also talks about the case for ensuring that the issue is addressed as early in the products assembly process as possible.

The module is 88 slides over 44 pages


1. Economic issues for shielding
2. Shielding with metal plates (image planes)
3. How shielded enclosures work
4. DC and low frequency shielding
5. The problems caused by apertures
6. The problems caused by box resonances
7. The problems caused by conductor penetrations
8. Shields in the near field of a source
9. RF-bonding with multiple metal bonds or conductive gaskets
10. Waveguides-below-cutoff
11. Shielding of displays
12. Shielding of ventilation
13. Shielding of plastic enclosures
14. Preventing corrosion at shielding joints
15. D-I-Y testing SE before its hardware or software are ready
16. Some free SE calculators and useful references



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