EMC Design Techniques

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ISBN 978-0-9555118-4-4

EMC Design Techniques for electronic engineers by Keith Armstrong BSc (Hons) CEng FIET SMIEEE ACGI.

Contents: Introduction, The physical basis of EMC, Circuit design and choice of components for EMC, Cables and connectors, Filters and transient suppressors, Shielding (screening), Printed circuit boards (PCBs), Electrostatic discharge (ESD), Electromechanical devices and spark ignition, power factor correction (emissions of mains harmonic currents, Emissions of voltage fluctuations and flicker, Immunity to power quality issues, EMC techniques for heatsinks.

Review of EMC Design Techniques - Keith Armstrong

"There are a few classic texts on EMC theory and design, Henry Ott’s, Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering and Dr. Clayton Paul’s, Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering, come to mind. After reading Keith Armstrong’s, EMC Design Techniques for Electronic Engineers, I feel this is also destined to become a member of the classics club" Kenneth Wyatt, EDN Network.

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