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28 Feb 2019

Most industry professionals are required to undertake on going development which builds upon their formal training and education to ensure that they stay abreast of technical advances in their industry.

Organisations like theIETrequire that their members commit to 30 hours of training per year and they provide theCareer Managerportal to allow individuals to plan and record training.

The IET and many other organisations recognize that formal CPD can be difficult to fit into a busy diary and because of this they encourage many sources of training which can count towards the annual requirement, many of which you probably did not know about, these include...

  • Training courses
  • Work experience
  • Academic study
  • Volunteering
  • Events and seminars
  • Self-study

Many of the resources on EMC Standards qualify as sources of CPD and we allocate a specific time allocation to the paid files and automatically provide the appropriate certificates asdownloadable documents to allow people to easily record their training.

Categories include

EMC Standards, Compliance and Testing


SI, PI and EMC for Products and Equipment

EMC For Systems and Installations

Management of EMC

EMC/EMI Risk Management


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