17 - Overview of test methods for EMC Directive Compliance

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Updated Oct 2018

This is Product Designer's overview of typical commercial/industrial EMC tests applied by EN standards under the EMC Directive.This course is designed for Design Engineers to provide an overview of requirements. We have other courses for those concerned with EMC testing.

Module is 81 slides over 41 pages.


RF emissions tests

a) Conducted emissions on the mains lead

b) Discontinuous emissions

c) Radiated emissions

d) Conducted emissions on telecom leads

Testing emissions of harmonics, voltage fluctuations, and switch-on inrush current

a) Harmonic emissions (EN 61000-3-2 + A14)

b) Voltage fluctuations/flicker (EN 61000-3-3)

c) Inrush currents at switch-on (EN 61000-3-3)

Immunity tests

a) Performance criteria: A, B and C

b) Radiated RF fields

c) Power-frequency magnetic fields

d) Conducted RF

e) Personnel electro-static discharge (ESD)

f) Fast transient bursts (FTB)

g) Surges

h) Supply dips and short interruptions


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