CE + CE does not = CE - what to do instead for EMC

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CE + CE does not = CE - what to do instead for EMC image #1
This course module is equally applicable to:
- systems and installations of any size or scale…
- commercial, IT, industrial, residential, transportation, etc.
- finished products…
- machines, equipment, computers, vehicles, etc.
- sub-assemblies and “components”
- such as PLCs, power supplies, motor drives, pneumatic solenoids, valve islands, modules, assembled PCBs, etc.
Course is 61 slides over 31 pages
1. Why “CE+CE=CE” cannot achieve due diligence for EMC compliance
(an engineering approach is required instead)
2. Determining purchasing specifications for EMC performance
3. Judging suppliers' evidence of EMC performance
4. Second sources, counterfeits, and Purchasing



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