10a - Advanced PCB design techniques for cost-effective SI, PI and EMC in 2022

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10a - Advanced PCB design techniques for cost-effective SI, PI and EMC in 2022 image #1

Updated for 2022

Module 10A (replaces Module 10)

This course is designed to help design engineers:-

– Reduce cost by eliminating enclosure shielding

– Reduce interference with co-located wireless datacoms (e.g. increase receiver range for GSM, GPRS, 3G, 4G, etc.)...

– Allow co-located GPS antennas...

– Use RF power devices (including isolating DC/DC)...

– Make high-speed processors / DSP function correctly (achieve good signal integrity, SI, and power integrity, PI)...

– Use the latest IC technologies (e.g. 15nm or smaller silicon processes), BGAs and ‘chip scale’ packages...

– Reduce time to market and compliance costs

Module is 343 slides over 171 pages


  1. When should we use advanced PCB techniques?
  2. Future trends and their implications
  3. Guidelines, approximations, simulations, and virtual design for SI, PI and EMC
  4. Advanced segregation (zoning) techniques
  5. Advanced interface filtering and suppression, including BLS (board-level shielding) to tens of GHz
  6. Advanced RF-bonding PCB Reference Planes at EMZ boundaries
  7. Advanced PCB planes and co-locating radio/TV/datacom antennas
  8. The totally shielded board assembly
  9. Damping the resonances in parallel planes, plus :Virtual Ground Fences, Electromagnetic Band Gaps, High Impedance Surfaces
  10. Advanced PCB decoupling
  11. Buried components, especially buried capacitance decoupling
  12. Not used in this version!
  13. Advanced transmission lines, including differential signalling up to 32Gb/s
  14. Microvia (HDI) board manufacturing techniques
  15. Future developments:3-D Moulded PCBs, and Additive Manufacturing; replacing PCBs with SIF
  16. Advanced crosstalk
  17. Some final tips and tricks
  18. Some useful contacts, sources, and references



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