12 - Suppressing transients on AC, DC power, signals or data

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Suppressing transients

*** Updated March 2019 ***

This modules helps product designers understand that transients (surges, spikes, etc.) are momentary overvoltages or overcurrents occurring on cables that can cause damage and undesirable operation.

Course is 115 slides over 58 pages


1) What transients are, and how they cause damage

2) Galvanic isolation for transient suppression

3) Transient suppression using filters

4) Types of surge protection component (SPC)

5) Rating SPCs

6) Protecting and maintaining SPCs

7) Lead inductance and “let-through” voltage

8) Avoiding the effects of SPC capacitance on signals

9) Types of surge protection devices (SPDs)

10) Electronic transient protection for DC power supplies

11) “Earth/ground lift” problems in systems

12) Data needs error correction

13) Dealing with long-duration overvoltages

14) Some useful references


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