Specifying the EMC performance of a final product

Specifying the EMC performance of a final product image #1
The aim of this procedure is to write an EMC performance specification for the final equipment. Establishing this specification is vital – without it all the EMC work is mere guesswork, compliance with the EMCD’s protection requirements would be unknown, and under-engineering would be as much a risk as over engineering
(and either of these undesirables can significantly increase financial and commercial risks).
This EMC performance specification must use existing EMCD notified standards wherever possible, modified and extended where necessary. Where EMCD notified standards aren’t appropriate, the next choice is EN, IEC or CISPR standards that do not have equivalents notified under the EMCD. Finally, military and other standards should be used with great care to avoid over-specification (the ruin of more than one company).

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