Module Zero - Get it now with 70% off!

Module Zero - Get it now with 70% off! image #1

07 May 2021

We have provided this training for a number of years, but never as a module. Get it until the end of May with 70% discount!.

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All fluctuating electrical voltages and currents in conductors, whether signals, data, power or unwanted electrical noise…

  • are really electromagnetic (EM) waves guided by the physical arrangements of conductors (e.g. copper) and insulating dielectrics (e.g. PVC, fibreglass, air)…
  • giving rise to EM fields (Volts/metre: V/m, Amps/metre: A/m) in the dielectrics around the conductors…
  • their ‘field strength’ diminishing, as the distance from the conductors increases.

Module is 69 slides over 35 pages


  • What are EMI and EMC?
  • Four types of EM energy coupling
  • The EM environment and EM phenomena (conducted, radiated, continuous, transient, ESD, power quality, etc.)
  • How devices can be interfered with
  • EMC and the law
  • EMC standards
  • EMC and reliability
  • Managing the functional safety risks due to EMI
  • Data security
  • Financial benefits of designing EMC in, from the start
  • Some useful references

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