0 - Introduction to EM Phenomena, EMI and EMC

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0 - Introduction to EM Phenomena, EMI and EMC image #1

All fluctuating electrical voltages and currents in conductors, whether signals, data, power or unwanted electrical noise…

  • are really electromagnetic (EM) waves guided by the physical arrangements of conductors (e.g. copper) and insulating dielectrics (e.g. PVC, fibreglass, air)…
  • giving rise to EM fields (Volts/metre: V/m, Amps/metre: A/m) in the dielectrics around the conductors…
  • their ‘field strength’ diminishing, as the distance from the conductors increases.

Module is 69 slides over 35 pages


  1. What are EMI and EMC?
  2. Four types of EM energy coupling
  3. The EM environment and EM phenomena (conducted, radiated, continuous, transient, ESD, power quality, etc.)
  4. How devices can be interfered with
  5. EMC and the law
  6. EMC standards
  7. EMC and reliability
  8. Managing the functional safety risks due to EMI
  9. Data security
  10. Financial benefits of designing EMC in, from the start
  11. Some useful references



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