16 - Integrating wireless modules into products

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Integrating wireless modules into products

This course is for radio designers to understand the issues concerning integrating wireless modules into products. The module could be a separate module, plugged or soldered onto the main PCB (or connected using wires) or plugged into a product connector.

Module is 83 slides over 42 pages


1) Internal EMC and adding radio modules

2) Threats from radio module, to other circuits

3) Susceptibility of digital devices and circuits

4) Susceptibility of analogue devices and circuits

5) Threats to radio receiver, from other circuits

6) Spread-spectrum digital clocking

7) Spread-spectrum, and other “digital” radio systems

8) MIMO and IEEE 802.11n

9) Communication protocols for co-located wireless devices

10) Ultra-wideband (UWB) radio systems

11) Construction techniques

12) Leaky feeder radio systems

13) Computer simulation techniques

14) Some useful references



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