5 - EMC techniques for heatsinks - Updated Jan 2021

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5 -  EMC techniques for heatsinks - Updated Jan 2021 image #1

This module is designed to help product design engineers understand issues that affect the EMC performance of a electrical/device if product cooling is poorly implemented.

Module is 78 slides over 39 pages


5.1 Importance of controlling stray heatsink currents
5.2 Ceramic and plastic heatsinks have no stray currents
5.3 Returning stray heatsink currents to their sources
5.4 Using the PCB’s Reference Plane as a heatsink
5.5 Practical RF-bonding issues
5.6 Heat sink RF resonances
5.7 Resonance effects of heat sink shapes, fins, pins and the locations of the semiconductors
5.8 Heat pipes
5.9 Some techniques that could be useful
5.10 Low-inductance bonding to control resonances to GHz
5.11 Combining shielding with heatsinking
5.12 Some useful references



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