De-Risk SI, PI and EMC with this Design Checklist!

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De-Risk SI, PI and EMC with this Design Checklist! image #1

As engineers we are rightly concerned with

  • Accumulating personal competency, knowledge and experience, which we offer to employers
  • Institutional (i.e. organisational) competency, knowledge and experience is also very important – both organisation-specific, and application-specific
Checklists are a well-proven approach to De-Risking projects:
–    they capture individual contributions to institutional organisational knowledge and experience…
–    plus unique issues relevant only to the organisation and its applications
–    ensure that complete knowledge is applied to each project…
–    avoid loss of knowledge due to people leaving the organisation…
–    help train new engineers in the (many!) things they didn’t learn at University...
–    help train experienced engineers in the things that are relevant and important to their new employer and/or new applications…and what is not!


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