Cost effective uses of close field probing


Cost effective close field probing

This module is designed to help people understand Close-field EMC probing (often called near field probing). This is a useful qualitative method to quickly identify emissions problems.  It can quickly reveal weak points for immunity, when used with transient and/or radio-frequency (RF) generators and it can help design PCBs, shielding and much else.

Module is 87 slides over 44 pages


1) Making our own close-field probes

2) Buying close-field probes and low-cost spectrum analysers

3)  Current probes, pin probes, other useful types of probes

4)  Using close-field probes

5)  Measuring radiated and conducted RF emissions

6)  Avoiding overload (inc. out-of-band) and intermodulation

7)  Measuring radiated and conducted RF immunity

8)  Assessing PCB decoupling, RF References, shielding effectiveness, and much more

9)  Detailed uses for close-field probing at every stage in a product’s lifecycle

10)  Some useful references 



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