7 - Circuit design for EMC

Provides 1.5 hours towards CPD

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Version 3.3 updated for 2019
Good Electromagnetic (EM) Engineering… is cost-effective SI, PI and EMC engineering
● well-proven to save time & money in all lifecycle stages, helping to increase profits & reduce financial risks…
● for PCBs, modules, products, equipment, vehicles, systems, installations, etc., of any size, in all applications… see Module 1, especially 1.15 (also in Webinar 1c) and 1.16 (also in Webinar 1d)
This Module contains many EM Engineering guidelines that should also be used as an initial design checklist: any that can’t or won’t be followed identify a project risk!
Module is 108 slides over 54 pages
7.1 Digital circuits
a) Rise/fall times and emissions spectra
b) Numerous digital circuit design techniques c) Watchdogs and brownout monitors
d) Data scrambling and spread-spectrum clocking
7.2 Analogue circuits
a) Linearity, bandwidth and stability of feedback circuits
b) Numerous analogue circuit design techniques, using hysteresis in comparators
7.3 Switching power converters
a) “EMC benign” and spread-spectrum techniques b) Reducing dV/dt and dI/dt with snubbers
c) Heatsinks
d) Use SiC Schottky or soft-switching rectifiers, SiC or GaN switching devices
e) The isolating transformer’s interwinding capacitance
f) Don’t over-use galvanic isolation!
7.4 Communications circuits
a) Better alternatives to copper cabling b) How to use copper cabling
c) Common-mode noise reduction techniques d) Optoisolators and optocouplers
e) Gigabit laser diodes
f) Terminating transmission lines
7.5 Some useful references


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