2 - EMC in Interconnections

Provides 2 hours towards CPD

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Good Electromagnetic (EM) Engineering iscost-effective SI, PI and EMC engineering, which iswell-proven to save time & money in all lifecycle stages,
helping to increase profits & reduce financial risks.

This Module contains many EM Engineering guidelines that should also be used as an initial design checklist,any that can’t or won’t be followed identify a project risk!

Module is 107 slides over 54 pages


2.1 Accidental antenna behaviour of all conductors
2.2 Use fibre optics or alternatives, instead of conductors
2.3 The “RF Reference”
2.4 Cable classification and segregation
2.5 Good practices for both shielded and unshielded interconnections: controlling DM & CM
return paths
2.6 Shielding techniques for cables
2.7 Terminating cable shields
2.8 Interconnecting shielded enclosures
2.9 ‘Ground loops’
2.10 Transmission-line interconnections
2.11 Some useful references


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