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10 May 2022

The EMC and Compliance International event is next week in Newbury, England and I am being asked continually 

'Will there be a Q & A session?'

And the answer is....

Yes of course! At the event we are introducing a completely new type of activity at exhibitions and conferences, and this is its first outing!

TWEX – Ten minutes With an EXpert - Get your free 10-minute consultation!

A wide variety of experts (we call them TWEXperts) will be offering their advice for free, for no longer than 10 minutes at a time.

To help you decide whom best to see, please see the 'TWEXperts Bios'

To see when each 'Twexpert' will be available please see the 'TWEXpert Timetable'

The TWEXperts

Michael Derby            Element Materials – Connected Technology

Ian MacDiarmid          Visiting Professor in Applied Electromagnetics at University of Liverpool

Andy Degraeve           EMC Consultant, an Associate of Cherry Clough Consultants Ltd

Geraldine Salt             BSI Standards Development Manager for EMC, Energy, Oil, Gas

James Pawson             Unit 3 Compliance

Neil Bonter                  CE & FCC Compliance Consultant (TCFs), Member of the REDCA

Charlie Blackham        Sulis Consultants Ltd

Jeremy Smallwood      Electrostatic Solutions Ltd

Min Zhang                   Mach One Design 

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