Ferrite Cores - Un-intended Consequences!

Ferrite Cores - Un-intended Consequences! image #1

21 Apr 2022

Dr. Min Zhang has recently created a video to provide some insight into the use of Ferrites on cables and the unintended consequences of doing so - See it here!

Dr. Min will be 'live' in at the EMC & CI show in Newbury in May, chairing a session on 'EMC of Traction Power Convertors, Battery Chargers, And Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)'

In addition Dr. Min will be providing 'live' training as part of the Training Workshops at the same event, where he imparts techniques for designing switched mode power supplies for EMC compliance.

He will cover the whole design process from component selection, schematics, layout to final assembly. One essential EMC design course that power electronics engineers cannot miss!

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