Using “Procedural” Technical Files for compliance with the EMC Directive

Using “Procedural” Technical Files for compliance with the EMC Directive image #1
The Technical Construction File (TCF) route to EMC compliance is available for everyone except those who make  radiocommunication  transmitting  products.  (By  the  way  –  TCFs  for  EMC  are  not  the  same  as  the Technical Files required by the Machinery and LVD directive, because TCFs need a certificate or report from an  EMC  Competent  Body.)  Engineering  companies  (rather  than 
 those  manufacturing  mass-produced electronic products) often find the TCF route to be better than the self-certification to standards route, as it can reduce EMC testing costs.
Where products are very large, or only come together on the customer's premises, it may be impossible to test harmoonised  standards  anyway,  in  which  case  the  TCF  route  may  be  the  only one  possible  for  EMC compliance.

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