Interested in low cost EMC testing?

Interested in low cost EMC testing? image #1

03 Feb 2022

My Latest course, "Low-cost , quick, bench top EMC Testing using near-field probes" has been published in association with Fedevel.

This course demonstrates how, when combined with a cheap Spectrum Analyzer, we can use low cost or even home-made near field probe to quickly find problem areas that Radiated or Immunity tests in a Lab simply cannot.

'Standard immunity tests for radiated emissions generally measure in the 'far' fields where the entire unit under test is in full view of the antennas, this gives an averaged value for emissions and does not provide detailed information.'

Near-field probes, are often sensitive to 1 or 2 centimeters and as such can help to quickly locate the source of troublesome emissions.

In this course I show how a 15 mm loop of wire could save you hours of laboratory test time.

Click here to view the course and don't forget to use the discount code 'EMCS2022' for a $50 discount for EMC Standards members.

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