Good SI, PI and EMC design techniques

PCB Suppression of ICs with BGA or Multiple Power Rails

Most EMC design textbooks that cover printed circuit board (PCB) design and layout – including mine – do not cover the special EMC issues associated with Ball Grid Array devices (BGAs), so this webinar covers PCB design techniques that will reduce their emissions and increase their immunity. In particular, how to get good plane meshes under them, and how to deal with their multiple power planes.

Cost-Effective Use of HDI (Microvia) PCB Technology for SI, PI and EMC

Microvia (High Density Interconnect, HDI) PCB manufacturing technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and can now be used to reduce bare-board cost where a Through Hole Plate (THP) board would need 10 or more layers. And microvia’s benefits for good EMC (and SI and PI) design at board level mean it can reduce overall unit-cost-of-manufacture even where THP boards would require fewer than 10 layers. This webinar looks at what microvia board techniques are now available, and how they can be used to help achieve good EMC whilst reducing costs and getting to market more quickly.

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