Free Online EMC Self-Study Course: Your Gateway to In-Depth EMC Knowledge

Free Online EMC Self-Study Course: Your Gateway to In-Depth EMC Knowledge image #1

18 Jan 2024

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature, the EMC Self-Study Course, a comprehensive and free learning resource designed to empower enthusiasts and professionals alike in the field of EMC. Developed by renowned expert Tim Williams and recently revamped by Dr. Min Zhang,the EMC Self-Study Course is a treasure trove of EMC insights.

For those who may be familiar, Tim Williams was one of the foremost EMC experts in the field even after his retirement. He authored several books on the subject of EMC, including the highly acclaimed book 'EMC for Product Designers' (click here to buy). Additionally, in collaboration with Keith Armstrong, he co-authored the book 'EMC for Systems and Installations'. Tim also offered a free online EMC self-study course, which has been benefiting design engineers worldwide for many years.

However, the online EMC self-study course has not been updated for the past decade, and it would be a shame for this valuable resource to simply disappear from the internet. With this in mind, we have sponsored Dr. Min Zhang to update Tim's material.

Dr. Min Zhang has created some highly informative online video demonstrations that complement Tim's original content perfectly. Furthermore, Dr. Zhang has updated certain standards and technical aspects, ensuring that the course remains relevant in today's rapidly evolving electronics industry. Tim Williams, believing Dr. Min Zhang to be the ideal candidate to update his original work, actively participated in the joint review of this collaborative effort. 

Dr. Zhang comments, 'While the core concept of EMC remains unchanged, the technology landscape has shifted significantly. We now face increasingly challenging EMC issues in various industries.'

Tim commented, 'Dr. Zhang has introduced some refreshing applications, such as electric vehicles, and has made contributions to the switched converter design within this course. He has also included valuable benchtop EMI troubleshooting topics, which have enhanced the overall quality of the course.'

Key Features:

  • Extensive EMC Knowledge: Dive into a vast repository of EMC knowledge that covers both theoretical principles and practical experiments. The content is meticulously curated to provide a holistic understanding of EMC concepts.
  • Self-test Section: Validate your knowledge through our interactive Self-test section. Test your understanding of EMC principles and receive instant feedback to ensure a deep grasp of the subject matter.
  • Free Access: The Self-Study Course is entirely free of charge, reflecting our commitment to fostering continuous learning within the EMC community.

How to Access:

Visit and embark on a journey of knowledge acquisition that will undoubtedly elevate your understanding of EMC.

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