Five day course for cost-effective EMC design for electronic products in 2023

Five day course for cost-effective EMC design for electronic products in 2023 image #1

Training for electronic, mechanical and PCB design engineers, and their managers, in the use of good EMC design and manufacturing practices for modern products and equipment.

This 5-day course covers all the issues that most electronic designers need for cost-effective SI, PI and EMC.

The aim of the course is to help companies quickly improve their commercial and financial performance by using design techniques that have been proven in real-life for many years to:

  • Bring advanced products to market / deliver custom projects more quickly
  • Meeting delivery deadlines to help avoid penalty charges
  • Reduce unit manufacturing costs
  • Reducing warranty costs and improving customer perception of the brand
  • Reducing overall financial risks
  • Improving Return On Investment

This course is highly recommended for those involved in any aspect of the design, manufacture or testing of electrical/electronic products.
It is based upon the EMC course module that Keith taught to post-graduate students as part of an IETaccredited M.Sc. course at the University of Manchester (formerly UMIST, University of Manchester Institute
of Science and Technology), UK.

More specialist course modules are available to customise this course.

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