EMC Standards has been improved!

EMC Standards has been improved! image #1

24 Sep 2021

Cherry Clough Consultants Ltd now has five Consultants!

After 31 years and over 900 customers, Keith Armstrong has been joined by four Associates, with their unique sets of expertise and experience in EMC and other electronic design issues:

Andy Degraeve             andy.degraeve@gmail.com                              

Andy’s background includes 3D field solving and managing functional safety and other risks that could be caused by EMI. As well as general EMC design, he is currently specialising in promoting the teaching of good EMC design in academia and industry using a novel demonstration unit he has developed.

Min Zhang                      min.zhang@mach1design.co.uk

Min has a proven track record designing state-of-the art electronics and electric machines with minimal EMC issues, and designing for high-volume manufacture. He established the EMC capability for the Dyson Electric Vehicle project, and now specialises in the rapidly-growing field of high-power converters for charging batteries and driving motors.

Chris Nicholas               cnicholtwo@gmail.com                                         

Chris’s background includes a lot of low-noise radio and microwave comm’s design (and has a 100W transmitter flying on a Galileo satellite), and is experienced in design for high-volume manufacture. He set-up and ran an automotive EMC test facility for Ford UK, and a military EMC test facility for Lockheed-Martin UK.

We’ll release the name of the 4th Associate soon.

Meanwhile, we can say that his background includes microwave design and testing to 50GHz, capacitive touch sensing, and design for high-volume manufacture. Unusually for an EMC consultant he is registered as a Functional Safety expert (by TuV), and is also an expert in the design of PCBs, mechanics and software.

They will all soon be contributing unique content to www.emcstandards.co.uk/blog and to other parts of emcstandards.co.uk, and are now available to help solve EMC problems quickly and cost-effectively.

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