EM Resillience events at IEEE EMC+SIPI 2023

EM Resillience events at IEEE EMC+SIPI 2023 image #1

13 Jul 2023

EM Resilience events at IEEE EMC+SIPI 2023 in Grand Rapids, MI, USA
July 31 - August 4, https://emc2023.org/

I wanted to let you know about some upcoming events that may interest you!

1st August, 08:00, 1st meeting on a Machinery Sector version of IEEE 1848-2020.

2nd August, 09:00, 3rd meeting of the IEEE 1848-2020 Continuity Group.
To attend on-line, use: https://cherryclough.webex.com/cherryclough/j.php?MTID=m9d45e7bcb39caf9ed240c4444ab3f84c  

4th August, 08:00 start, Prof. Davy Pissoort and I will present the half-day tutorial:
“EMI can cause Functional Safety (and other) risks that can’t be covered by EMC testing alone.So we need EM Resilience”

These events are all free to everyone who registers for the Symposium, whether or not they are members of the relevant Working Groups, Continuity Groups, or even the IEEE! 

See you there!
Keith Armstrong
keith.armstrong@cherryclough.com, karmstrong@ieee.org    

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