Constructing I/O panels for shielded rooms

Fig 1. I/O panel under construction

14 Oct 2020


‘We are building our own in-house DIY EMC test chamber for testing simple relative radiated measurements. We want to be able to see if certain design choices affect the EMC performance of our products without having to go to a full testing facility every time. I found some of the material in chapter 4 of the "Design Techniques for EMC" very helpful, but was wondering if you have some material specific to the filtering of power and signals into such chambers?

I have been tasked with designing the Input/Output (I/O) plate of the chamber, where we want to feed in 230V, Ethernet, USB, RF and other signals, but I struggle with grasping all the various filter options available, since there are such a multitude of filtering options to choose from.’


Please download the attached file!

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