Are you 'EMC Aware'?

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10 Mar 2022

We are very excited to announce, that in conjunction with the upcoming EMC & CI exhibition and workshops, we have also created a associated magazine to provide a means and space to communicate knowledge, dialogue and collaboration between researchers and designers, engineers, managers and business owners, training and service providers and equipment suppliers.

The magazine is entitled 'EMC Aware' and this title and philosophy behind the  magazine is to present EMC to all, and make available the knowledge, technology and test equipment that could be utilised to effect compliant products.

EMC Technology is relevant to all industries. It can affect every piece of Electronic & Electrical Equipment. When improperly considered, it will seriously affect the design cycle, delay the production process and time to market. In short, it can cost money and reduce profits.

In the technology world of emails and social media, electronics based publications provide access to each other and to developments in our respective fields giving a near first hand perspective in on-going knowledge creation.

We are extremely pleased that our inaugural edition of 'EMC Aware' will be the  show guide of the EMC & CI exhibition and will provide full details of all of the exhibitors, knowledge and learning opportunities on hand during the event. 

We will cover topics on Test methods, component applications, proven rules and management methods. The contributors are practising EMC engineers who get involved in the practical “hands on” methods and are experts in their own areas sharing their experiences with you.

As an EMC test equipment provider or Training organisation, you could also help in informing our readership in how to solve their EMC compliance issues,  perhaps you have specific equipment or techniques and material that you can contribute here? The team here at EMC Aware hope that you will find this opportunity beneficial and invite you to send your feedback to

Free copies will be available at the exhibition, and the plan will be to distribute it electronically in the future.

Our magazine is independent of corporate demands and the overlay of profit. We invite you to share in this creative process together!

Stay safe and take care.

Chris - Your Editor

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