2004/108/EC Systems, Installations and Good Engineering Practices

2004/108/EC Systems, Installations and Good Engineering Practices image #1

There has always been confusion about how the original Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive89/336/EEC [1] should be applied to systems and installations, and to equipment made specifically for them.

Dispelling this confusion was a main aim of the European Commission’s (EC’s) 1997 Guide on the EMCDirective [2], but as this was not a legal document it did not change the EMC Directive, or the nationalimplementing legislation in the European Union (EU) Member States.

2004/108/EC [3] is the 2nd Edition of the EMC Directive, and one of its major differences from 89/336 is thatit includes specific requirements for installations, and for equipment that is sold directly for them (and notavailable to just anyone).

This is an extended and updated version of the article originally published in the EMC Journal, Issue 66, September 2006

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