2-Day Essential and Advanced PCB Design and Layout Techniques for SI, PI and EMC in 2023

2-Day Essential and Advanced PCB Design and Layout Techniques for SI, PI and EMC in 2023 image #1

For design engineers and their managers interested in the cost-effective design, layout, manufacturing and assembly practices for printed circuit boards (PCBs) needed in 2023 to help control financial risks.

Every two years, on average, every type of semiconductor that is available on the market goes through a die-shrink, which makes their emissions and immunity worse. This applies to older device types, like 74-series TTL and HCMOS, as well as to the latest microprocessors, FPGAs and memories, so designing with the same old parts does not protect us from this problem.

So PCB design techniques must continually advance for us to design PCBs in a way thatdoesn’t cause Signal Integrity (SI), Power Integrity (PI) or electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) problems. Special PCB design/layout techniques are generally needed when resonances in PCB structures are excited by the frequencies present in the analogue, digital or power supply current waveforms. Such techniques are becoming increasingly essential for all PCBs
that use high-speed processing or data, and are covered in this course.

After the appropriate choice of semiconductors (or designing your own ASICs), the most cost effective SI, PI and EMC techniques are those applied at the PCB level.  This course provides a practical grounding in PCB EMC design and layout techniques that have been proven over many years in real life to help companies quickly improve their commercial and financial performance by:

  • Bringing products to market more quickly
  • Meeting delivery deadlines to help avoid penalty charges
  • Improving functional performance
  • Reducing overall unit manufacturing costs
  • Easily complying with EMC requirements
  • Reducing warranty costs and improving customer perception of the brand
  • Reducing overall financial risks
  • Improving Return On Investment

This course is kept up-to-date as technology advances and is usually revised annually. It is much more up-to-date than any textbook can ever be.

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