Automobile EMC (2 Day Course)

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The typical EMC tests used by the major US and European automobile manufacturers.


To help reduce financial risks in design and development, reduce time-to-market, achieve EMC at the level of the state of the art world-side, make vehicles more reliable, and reduce exposure to warranty costs and product liability claims.

This is not a course that shows EMC test engineers exactly how to do the tests, or shows designers exactly what to do to pass them. These require much longer courses. Instead, this course describes the global state of the art in EMC, for automotive subassemblies, subsystems and complete vehicles, including overviews of the correct testing procedures, including important issues that are not mentioned in the test standards themselves.

It also provides an overview of the testing and other verification and validation procedures needed to help control the functional safety risks caused by using electronics (and firmware) in vehicles.

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